No charges were filed against Walker, but he was forced to establish a legal defense fund, indicating he was the target of a criminal investigation.

March 2013: John Doe Investigation Ended Without Any Charges Against Walker According to The Chippewa Herald, “A criminal investigation that ensnared six former aides and associates of Gov. Scott Walker has ended, the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office announced Friday. District Attorney John Chisholm said the so-called John Doe probe — which was launched nearly three years ago — failed to uncover evidence of additional wrongdoing beyond the six people charged, including three former Milwaukee County employees who worked for Walker when he was Milwaukee County executive.” [The Chippewa Herald, 3/1/13]

Walker Set Up A Legal Defense Fund To Pay Expenses Incurred As A Result Of The John Doe Investigation According to the Journal Sentinel, “Gov. Scott Walker announced Friday that he has set up a legal- defense fund to help pay expenses incurred as a result of the John Doe investigation of activities during his time as county executive.” [Journal Sentinel, 3/10/12]

  • Accountability Board Memo: “Wisconsin Statutes Permit A State Government Official Who Is Being Investigated For Or Charged With A Violation Of Campaign Finance Laws Or Prohibited Election Practices To Establish A Legal Defense Fund” According to a memo published by the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board, “Wisconsin Statutes permit a state government official who is being investigated for or charged with a violation of campaign finance laws [chapter 11, Wisconsin Statutes] or prohibited election practices [chapter 12, Wisconsin Statutes] to establish a “legal defense fund” for expenditures supporting or defending the candidate while that person is being investigated for, or charged with, or convicted of a violation of those chapters” [Wisconsin Government Accountability Board Memo, accessed 2/18/14]
  • Expert: “If You Create A Legal-Defense Fund, You Are Either Being Investigated, Being Charged With Or Have Been Convicted Of A Criminal Violation” According to Journal Sentinel, “Several election lawyers said creation of the defense fund serves as a tacit acknowledgment that Walker is under investigation for election law violations. ‘If you create a legal-defense fund, you are either being investigated, being charged with or have been convicted of a criminal violation of Chapter 11 or Chapter 12,’ said retired state election lawyer George Dunst, referring to the statutes dealing with campaign finance and election fraud.” [Journal Sentinel, 3/10/12]
  • Tim Russell Attorney: “The Only Way You Can Set That Up Is If You Are Under Investigation Or Being Prosecuted,” According to Journal Sentinel, “Michael Maistelman, an election lawyer who is representing former Walker aide Tim Russell in the John Doe investigation, said people could draw conclusions from Walker’s decision to create a defense fund. ‘The only way you can set that up is if you are under investigation or being prosecuted,’ Maistelman said. ‘One can only draw the conclusion that either one of those two things is happening.’” [Journal Sentinel, 3/10/12]