Overview of Documents Being Released

February 2014: An Appeals Court Judge Ordered The Unsealing Of Thousands Of Emails Belonging To A Convicted Former Aide To Gov. Scott Walker, Kelly Rindfleisch. According to Journal Sentinel, “An Appeals Court judge ordered the unsealing Monday of thousands of emails belonging to a convicted former aide to Gov. Scott Walker, setting the stage for the emails and other records to be released next week.” [Journal Sentinel, 2/10/14]

  • Rindfleisch Was Hired In January 2010 As Walker’s Deputy Chief Of Staff According to HTR News, “Rindfleisch was hired in January 2010 as Walker’s deputy chief of staff, but she also did campaign work on county time for Brett Davis, who was running as a Republican for lieutenant governor.” [HTR News, 2/10/14]
  • Records Include Emails From Rindfleisch’s Personal Email Account… Emails From Walker And Top Aids Are Likely To Be Included In The Documents According to the Journal Sentinel, “The records in question include emails from Rindfleisch’s personal computer and private email account, affidavits supporting John Doe search warrants, and a transcript of a secret hearing on search warrants issued the day before Walker was elected governor in 2010. Likely included in the emails are messages exchanged with Walker or his top political aides as he ran his 2010 campaign for governor.” [Journal Sentinel, 2/10/14]
  • Rindfleisch Emails Showed Her Fundraising For Republican Candidates While Working On The County Time [Kelly Rindfleisch Criminal Complaint, accessed 2/18/14]