“John Doe” Email Highlights

While our team of 25 researchers continues to review the more than 27,000 pages of emails released, we wanted to share a few insights so far:

  1. Scott Walker’s claims that he didn’t know about his staff’s “secret email network” have fallen flat: Walker consistently received traffic from it. His days of plausible deniability are over. See: Wisconsin State Journal headline.
  2. Walker’s staff were brazen about conducting campaign fundraising on government time.
  3. From pay-to-play scenarios to insensitive emails about the O’Donnell Park tragedy, the tidbits below are just the tip of the iceberg in uncovering the truth about Scott Walker’s involvement in the corrupt actions in his office.

Walker’s Involvement

  •  Personally asked for the coordination between campaign and county staff, pg. 43-45 http://t.co/aMNbgCN0Jj
  •  Settled infighting between campaign and county staff over his cancelled press availability, pg. 9358-64 http://t.co/2pURVustYM
  •  Tells staff “no more laptops” Unclear if he knew about secret email system, pg. 100 http://t.co/aMNbgCN0Jj
  •  McLaughlin emails Walker to get him to call back a plastic surgeon donor. pg. 12511 goo.gl/x2zlaR
  •  Acts as conduit between campaign and CE office. pg. 5875 goo.gl/mWeux7
  •  McLaughlin CC’s Walker with concern Daniel Bice is trying to report she was contacting the campaign pg. 7307  goo.gl/mWeux7

Secret Email System

  • Tim Russell discusses removing secret email router in CE office pg. 104 http://t.co/aMNbgCN0Jj
  • Staff unsure what they will use if the secret email system is removed pg. 104 http://t.co/aMNbgCN0Jj
  • Teelin & Rindfleisch talk secret emails and set up an LLC to cover the expense of it. pg 28 goo.gl/mWeux7
  • Rindfleisch “i’m using on my laptop to do things i shouldn’t be doing on my county computer” pg. 20 goo.gl/mWeux7
  • Archer, with Walker CC’d, “In light of recent events I will no longer be checking this e-mail…” pg 84 http://t.co/QhMO76uW7V
  • Reince Priebus gets involved in emails, talking to Walker campaign and county. pg. 9507 goo.gl/x2zlaR
  • Rindfleisch renegotiated her fundraising contract using the secret email system pg. 9633 goo.gl/x2zlaR
  • Rindfleisch assured she can do campaign work because of private email account. pg. 760 goo.gl/x2zlaR

Staff Coordination

  • Walker staff discuss ignoring press inquiries, pg. 42 http://t.co/aMNbgCN0Jj
  • McLaughlin, Walker’s communications director, implies she wrote sections of fundraising email, pg. 67 http://t.co/aMNbgCN0Jj
  • County staff, Rindfleisch and McLaughlin correct a Walker campaign press release, pg. 82 http://t.co/aMNbgCN0Jj
  • Rindfleisch discusses setting up an event and $5,000 fundraising asks with Villa and Hillar, pg. 19 http://t.co/2pURVustYM
  • Rindfleisch sent fundraising call list to Cullen, “lots of names to call,” pg. 9427 http://t.co/2pURVustYM
  • Cullen asks Rindfleisch to collect money from donors, pg. 9462 http://t.co/2pURVustYM
  • Rindfleisch asks campaign to correct materials. pg. 3293 goo.gl/x2zlaR
  • Rindfleisch offers to “bitch” out Joe Fadness about a donor list. pg. 261 goo.gl/x2zlaR
  • Prentiss says Graul is helping out Brett “on the side.” pg. 286 goo.gl/x2zlaR
  • Lengthy, bizarre exchange on how Rindfleisch offers to deposit fundraising checks. pg. 9209-219 goo.gl/mWeux7
  • More Rindfleisch fundraising pg. 543 goo.gl/x2zlaR
  • More fundraising on county time pg. 6279  goo.gl/x2zlaR
  • And… more fundraising, pg. 3653 goo.gl/x2zlaR
  • Rindfleisch responds to campaign requests to slow down FOIA request responses, pg. 7426, goo.gl/x2zlaR

O’Donnell Park Tragedy

  • Rindfleisch calls Auditor Jerome Heer “a little weasel” for ordering inspections after park accident, pg. 9453 http://t.co/2pURVustYM
  • G-chat conversation on pg. 3469 involving Thomas. May be about O’Donnell Park goo.gl/mWeux7
  • Walker discussing a contractor involved in tragedy. pg. 5856-8  goo.gl/mWeux7
  • Really insensitive remarks about the O’Donnell Park death, pg. 6230 http://t.co/Q1vRZ2pG6k


  • Rindfleisch calls WI GOP ED Thomas a “jackass,” pg. 5826 goo.gl/mWeux7
  • Rindfleisch was so brazen! “Technically, I’m supposed to be living in Milwaukee cnty.”  pg. 555 goo.gl/x2zlaR
  • Nardelli calls reporters “A Holes” in emails, pg. 7426, goo.gl/mWeux7