Questions Remaining

While Walker has claimed he was unaware of his staff’s corrupt actions, countless questions remain. Here are a few things to look for in these new emails:

  1. How much involvement did Walker have in the mixing of county government and campaign business by his staff?
  2. Do emails with his staff support Walker’s claims that he was unaware of their corrupt and illegal actions?
  3. Did Walker himself use the “secret email network”? Did he ever use it to direct his staff to conduct campaign business on government time?
  4. Was Walker involved in his campaign’s attempt to delay responding to public information requests related to the O’Donnell Park tragedy (where his official and campaign staffs coordinated on his public response)?
  5. We already know Walker discussed a real estate deal with campaign advisor John Hiller that Hiller stood to profit from. Did Walker have similar contact with other parties who may have stood to benefit from state or county actions?

To learn more about the first John Doe investigation into Scott Walker’s tenure as Milwaukee County Executive, continue reading below.